When my aspiration and fate synced

By Bonface Gitaua I stand here today in a graduation gown thankful for the years in this university. I am honored by the presence of my family here not only today but throughout those years. I cannot forget some strangers I met as a freshman whom I didn’t know would become part of my life’s story. I am indebted to them for filling up the holes in my soul and spirit that I couldn’t have on my own. I see happiness and enthusiasm in all of you that I didn’t know I would share on my graduation...

The memories of a school boy’s journey to misery

You are 13-years-old seated on a threadbare desk in a cold classroom. It is 7:00a.m but your checked school shirt is half drenched in sweat from the upper right shoulder right up to the left armpit. If it were any other day you would not have cared about it. But it is your last day in primary school. The shirt will not matter after today. The invigilator’s high heels make their presence known and stop next to you. Her hand stretches and places a paper on the desk. The feeling is unreal. Eight...

Sorry state of students taking wrong courses

John is a form four student in a national school. In about three months, he will be seated in the school hall with his 200 fellow classmates doing the final national high school examination. It will take three weeks to complete all 16 exams. Two months after completing the examination, he will be staring at a text message from the Kenya National Examination Council briefly informing him of his performance. He will have scored a mean grade of ‘A’ securing him a slot at the University of Nairob...