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He sat there dejected, thinking, having not come to terms with his current job as a trainee teacher. It was terrible as far as he could tell. He had been staring at this pile of books for the last 10 minutes and still wasn’t sure he would manage to mark them all. “Life as a teacher is difficult,” Kalulu thought.

“Kindly hand me that log table,” shouted one Mr. Chege who was shuffling about preparing for his mathematics lesson. “This is a queer man”, thought Kalulu as he handed over a log book and a bunch of other ‘paraphernalia’ to the eager short man. Mr. Chege had left for his lesson, and so had all other colleagues. The office was eerily quiet as one Eric Kalulu sat pensively thinking, trying to recollect. What had gone wrong? Why and how did he find himself in a career he hated so much? He thought that he would eventually begin to enjoy his job, but he didn’t, it was frustrating.

As his thoughts took over, he replayed memories of his childhood; his humble upbringing. He recalled how he was an ‘A’ student and would have chosen any other career path and how, out of sheer insanity, or stupidity, or the lack of proper guidance, he ended up in Mukumu Teachers College training as a teacher and how he would often defend his career options by stating, rather religiously, “It’s a calling. For me teaching is a calling!” But how quickly things had changed! Now he sat, blankly staring into space, sure, totally convicted that teaching was not the job for him, it would never be!

Scribble. I hate my job: Discover your career.

If you hate your job, you are probably not alone. There are many like you who are in the wrong careers.

When Kalulu came to; he finally looked down, bolted, shaken and cursing. Lost in his thoughts he had been doodling all over a student’s book. “DYC” he had unconsciously written as he recalled how some of his students were excited about taking a simple test that would help them identify their interest areas. He had read about the test which provided a list of careers that best aligns with each individual’s interests. Kalulu had regretted that no such test was available during his school days, and in that moment of regret and desperation, his fingers had somehow traced the curves of a rather nasty curse word. On a student’s book!

It was crystal clear that he would never enjoy this teaching job. The writing was on the wall (or should we say on a student’s book). Kalulu needed another job, one he loved and enjoyed. But to avoid making another wrong career choice, Kalulu needed to be 100% sure that he discovered his career, his true north. Kalulu needed to do the test now more than ever. He didn’t have many options or the benefit of youth with many years of experimentation ahead of him. There is time for everything, he thought. It’s never too late!

Pushing aside the heap of books before him, he set up his laptop and googled “discover your career Kenya”.

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