What is Career Guidance?

Career guidance is the activity and service carried out with the intention of assisting individuals across the age spectrum to make informed educational, training and professional choices.

These services and activities ideally should be found in the school set-up i.e. schools, colleges and universities. However, they can also be found in the workplace, both in the public and private sectors. Every school should have a fully fledged Career Guidance office and a trained career teacher!

Career guidance cycle should always follow the following steps:

1.Know yourself:

Self-awareness is the key! Understand your strengths, areas for improvement, values interests, traits and ambitions. This will help you follow your heart’s desire as well as acknowledge your strengths.

2.Explore options:

It’s paramount to have the necessary information and this requires occupational research as well as industry trends. Discover the career opportunities available for certain degrees. Take the chance to learn about your desired field!

3.Get focused:

This will involve painting a picture of your dream future and planning your goals. At this stage start make the important decisions essential to the achievement of these goals from an informed perspective.

4. Take action:

Make that first step! Begin the job search as well as connecting with employers. Gain the necessary experience as you follow the path to your dream career.

It’s important to note that career development starts with KNOW YOURSELF! Many people start with exploration, the reason millions of people are misaligned.

These activities may take place on an individual or group basis. It could be traditionally face-to-face or carried out at a distance, where the two parties engage but do not meet; this could include internet-based services. They are carried out with the use of tools, talks, training and workshops. Activities and services offered include:

  • Self-assessment tests
  • Early career advice
  • Job search help and skills
  • Motivational talks
  • Etc

As individuals pursue professional work identities in accordance to personal traits and the labor market’s demand for specific occupations, Career Guidance is central to individual’s career development and progress. Widely accepted is the fact that Career Guidance and Counseling develop an individual’s competencies in self-awareness, educational and occupational exploration as well as career planning.

This service is offered by professional career counselors as well as career development facilitators. Discover Your Career Kenya was incepted to meet the growing need for professional career guidance services in Kenya. While thousands join universities, colleges and technical institutes to pursue careers that do not match their capabilities, thousands of others hop from job to job, with no passion, no curiosity due to misalignment.

DYC offers a scientific psychometric test for self assessment, trains career teachers, offers career guidance workshops for young people from 15yrs of age (Form 2 onward), gives talks to parents, students etc, and has career resource materials for students and teachers.


For more information visit www.discoveryourcareer.co.ke or write to us on info@discoveryourcareer.co.ke

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