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“It always seems impossible, until it is done” – Nelson Mandela

Career Guidance Books

Careerpedia is a careers information and mentor-ship resource that empowers people to plan their future and become productive members of society. It can be experienced in different ways – print, interactive digital platforms, mentor-ship events, career presentations and workshops.

Planning Your CareerThe Career encyclopedia contains 120 careers that has been endorsed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (formerly KIE) and will be available in print and digital (web and mobile). It is a reference resource designed with Kenyan students in mind and contains relevant, localized content that includes:

  1. 120 career/job descriptions including definitions and history of each career.
  2. Academic and other training requirements for each career.
  3. Directory of the institutions that offer the academic courses for each career.
  4. Which VIPS (values, interests, personality & skills) best match each career
  5. A career progression path for each career and related careers
  6. Interviews with a professional working in each career discussing ‘a day in the life’, perks and disadvantages of the career, their career advice etc.
  7. Professional associations in each field.


Find Your PassionDYC entered into a partnership with Story Moja Careerpedia to complement each other’s expertise and strength. DYC is developing Careerpedia workbooks and other related career books.  The first two Careerpedia Workbooks are practical took kits with exercises to engage and guide students in planning their careers. They include:

  1. a) Discover Your Career workbook tailored for Form 1 & 2, which covers the basics of career planning including subject choices.
  2. b) Find Your Job workbook tailored for Form 3 students and above, which covers the soft skills and job search skills necessary to land a job within the career of choice.

Our first edition of Discover Your Career workbook is out and can be purchased in leading bookshops in Kenya. (Pictures of Careerpedia and linked to Story Moja Careerpaedia page)

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