FAQ – Careerpedia Books

What is Careerpedia?

The Careerpedia Initiative is a brain child of Storymoja, a company committed to empowering the lives of children, youth and adults in Kenya and the region through books, talks, festivals and events.
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Who should buy the Careerpedia resources?

Every student, parent, teacher and school should have all the editions of Careerpaedia Plan Your Future (Volume 1 & 2). It is an encyclopedia that contains 120 careers with details that one can never find in other resources. It is an ultimate career guide for every student, parent and teachers.

What are the workbooks?

The workbooks are practical tool kits with exercises to engage and guide students in planning their careers. It is imperative that every student in secondary school gets a personal copy of the workbook. The workbooks accompany the Careerpedia Encyclopedia which contains information on the 120 careers in Kenya. In doing the exercises, students will undertake a personal career journey that will help them identify their desired career aspirations, and help them develop a personal career plan.

Are there really only 120 careers in Kenya?

No. There are over 300 careers in Kenya but many only know the top 5! We are developing other Volumes to cover most if not all the careers in Kenya. We shall keep you posted.