FAQ – Holiday Programs

Who should attend the programs?

Post high school students waiting to join colleges and universities; high school students especially in Form 2 and Year 9 & 13; college and university students still unsure of the courses they are taking or college major; and anyone who is unsure of their future career.

What is the cost?

The workshop is a two day forum at a cost Ksh5,000/-. The outcome is that students go home with a clear roadmap for their future careers as well as knowledge of one self. The cost is inclusive of assessments, snacks and facilitation. The Careerpedia resources can be purchased for an additional cost of Kes. 2,500/-. This will cover the cost of the two comprehensively researched Careerpedia encyclopedia’s and the Careerpedia Plan Your Career workbook.

Does the workshop choose my career?

No. It gives you information and exposes you to career options you probably had not thought of or considered before. The final decision still remains the students. It opens one’s mind including the parents with possibilities that one never thought before.

Where are the trainings held?

Training venues differ depending on the numbers that have enrolled. For larger audiences, we use facilities that can comfortably accommodate upto 100 people. The facilities provide ample parking, flexible rooms that can be configured for lecture style instruction or round-table discussions, and audio-visual equipment where needed.