Our Milestones

1. Curriculum Development: In many Kenyan schools today, a subject teacher is delegated the responsibility of career guidance without being offered prior training on how to do it. This role is further hampered by lack of information and access to career guidance resources. While it is recognized that career counselors play a significant role in career choice both in public and private institutions, a large pool of teachers are untrained in this process.

 DYC developed a career guidance training program that was approved by the Ministry of Education and Teachers’ Service Commission. The uniqueness of this program is that it approaches career guidance from the perspective of self awareness as opposed to merit based career guidance. Teachers come away understating why it is important to understand and appreciate the strengths of each learner, their natural inclinations and why interest, not grades should be foundational in making career decisions.

2.Teacher Training: Within just two years of operation, DYC has trained over eighty (80) schools in Machakos and Nairobi County. The teachers are trained in helping their learners identify their areas of gifts, talents, skills and interests; guiding the learners in subject and course selection and ultimately encouraging and supporting them in realizing their ambitions and career dreams. The feedback from teachers who have undergone this training is inspiring. Not only do they feel more empowered to carry out this responsibility but they also begin to visualize how they can impact other schools within their communities. They are able to clearly identify the changes they need to make in how they have been undertaking this responsibility and to articulate the two or three immediate short term goals they will institute for the career guidance office within their schools.

3.KICD Recognition: The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is charged with evaluating and approving curricular for basic and tertiary education among other core functions. DYC was invited to participate in a conference on emerging and cross cutting issues in Kenya. Following a competent presentation on the state of career guidance in Kenya today, DYC was gazetted and recognized as KICD’s partner of choice when they need to consult experts in the area of career guidance.

4.Publications: In partnership with Storymoja, DYC has written a Careerpedia Discover Your Career Workbook which is an interactive career planning resource that offers step-by-step facilitation for career exploration and planning. While written for students, the guide is also useful for helping parents, educators, and other student service personnel work with and understand the career development needs of students. The guide seeks to have students gain a better understanding of their values, interests, passions, and abilities making a decision about career based on a life vision and purpose rather than the convenience of courses being offered or the suggestion of a family member or friend.

Additionally, it encourages students to engage in ongoing discussions with family and friends about their career development as they engage in the career exploration process. The guide is designed to offer students a process that can be repeated and applied overtime as needed. It incorporates journaling and other methods that encourages students’ reflection on their process and growth.

The first Discover Your Career Workbook was produced as an edition of Wings to Fly Project by Equity Group Foundation.