The Problem

Professional Career Guidance Services for StudentsWithin the Kenyan context, our research informs us that lack of career guidance is based on several factors. Some of these include untrained teachers, parental influence, lack of properly structured career guidance offices in schools and lack of knowledge on factors to consider when making career decisions.

We find that among students, many join universities and colleges to pursue careers that do not match their personalities and capabilities, and often make vocational choices based on hearsay, speculation of job trends, and peer pressure.

Career teachers on the other hand are not qualified to render this service. In many Kenyan schools today, a subject teacher is relegated this responsibility without prior training on how to guide students.   This role is further hampered by lack of current information. While it is recognized that career counselors play a significant role in career choice both in public and private institutions, there exists a large pool of teachers who are untrained in professional career guidance.

Parents are a critical component of this process and play a significant role in the career choice of their children. Well meaning as they may be, they are also unskilled in guiding their children and will also make decisions based on speculation, and their personal experience in the world of work.

Our solutions are offered through the following services:

  1. The Career Test
  2. Teacher Training
  3. Talks to Parents
  4. Talks to Students
  5. Holiday Programs