The Career Test

Knowing ones interest is very important as it allows the person to make informed career decisions and helps them choose work that is enjoyable to them. Studies demonstrate that individuals whose interest matches with their career are more successful, comfortable and confident. They are more efficient in their work and display higher levels of motivation and satisfaction with their work.

We administer an online self assessment questionnaire that enables one to learn more about their interests, work related abilities, preferred learning styles and possible career options. Knowing more about ourselves can provide the information we need to make wiser career decisions. The career test has been extensively researched and scientifically validated. While it is internationally acclaimed and recognized for its quality and utility, the tool has been customized for the Kenyan market. DYC in partnership with the test providers in Europe reviewed the questions and made modifications to make the tool appropriate.

The assessment is designed to provide students and job-seekers with information and advice that can be useful for exploring career and work life interest. The test assesses major career-interests and provides feedback to the test-taker on his job orientation. It is recommended for students, job seekers and people who are thinking of a career change. It has an estimated completion time of 20-30 minutes depending on one’s reading speed.

The benefits of the test are:

  1. Immediate generation of a report to show how the test taker scored.
  2. A summary of the test takers results through a graphical presentation of how he/she scored on each measured dimension.
  3. Interpretation of the test takers score on each dimension with personalized comments on what the scores mean.
  4. Occupations chronologically listed and matched to the test takers scores in order of most to least suitable.

taketest.  For additional information on the test, please visit the FAQ page.