The test can be taken following these easy steps.

  1. Send your official names and correct email address to 0772 131 180
  2. Pay 4000/- to Lipa na mpesa, buy goods & services, 829745
  3. Receive the DYC link in your (correct) email address
  4. Take the test (takes btw 15-45min depending on speed)
  5. Submit after completion
  6. Test interpretation & career Counselling done by a trained personnel in our offices (4th Floor, Laiboni Centre, Lenana Road – Kilimani) or  via Skype (the former receives a bound copy of the report while the latter is sent the results via email).

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Your test report will be generated immediately you complete and submit the questionnaire. You may call the DYC office to schedule a meeting with a career adviser who will take you through the test interpretation.

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Why take the test?
If you have been grappling with making a career decision or have been dissatisfied with your current one, taking a career test will benefit you immensely. Taking the test will illuminate your areas of interest, natural aptitudes and careers that would be suitable for you. Past test takers have reported that the test raised their sense of self-awareness and helped them discover and uncover possibilities that they may not have thought of, or reinforced their original plans.
In general, the benefits include but are not limited to:
i. Determination of interests and areas of strength.
ii. Identification of suitable careers.
iii. Assistance with high school subject and university/college course selection upon identification of a suitable career.
iv. Savings in lost time and wasted costs from pursuing the wrong career.

As a career guidance teacher, I strongly advice ex-high school students and anyone else applying for courses in higher levels of education and the persons who feel they are in the wrong career to take a psychometric test. This will serve as a great eye opener to what you are gifted and interested in and relate it to your future career. Our opportunities are limited to our mentality!Josephine Ndua, Teacher: Machakos School.

For additional information on the test, please visit the FAQ page.