How to pick a career you will love!

Most career problems stem from the fact that we are almost naturally pre-disposed to pick terrible first jobs! We initially think we are picking a grand great job then it turns out to be the wrong choice. It is almost impossible to pick a good job on the first try, especially if making the choice when not well informed. So get informed or don’t expect to be the exception!

According to Economist Neil Howe, only a mere 5% of people are able to find the right job at their first time of asking. These “fast starters”, as he terms them, are individuals who are generally less innovative, less creative as well as not adventurous.  This combination of traits makes them extremely conventional and therefore structured and common work is ideal for them.

For example, an individual really good at computers may be highly skilled and comfortable when it comes to the programming aspects but will be beyond their depth in when it comes to computer graphics. This shows an individual who is naturally a high logical thinker but has a low ability to think innovatively and design new things.

So why aspire to be one of these people, these so-called “fast starters”? Why not try leap to your dreams and be the best you can?

Gain the necessary information to help you make that right decision at the first time of asking! Here are guidelines to help you:

  1. Take a career test and know your aptitude

Establish your likely strengths and areas for improvement. You should find out your areas of high, medium and low aptitude while making this decision. Always strive to choose a career that high aptitude areas are applied to the maximum. Contact for help

  1. Keep calm and don’t believe the hype.

A quick look at lawyers on TV makes it the career to choose, right? However, do you know the daily activities or the work that goes into making a successful law career? Find out and be informed.

  1. Are you picking a job title or choosing a lifestyle?

Have a full understanding of the lives of the people you see and aspire to emulate and ask yourself, “What do I want to do for life?” Realize that you just can’t have it; you have to lead the life your mentors/role models led to get there!

For instance, you want to be an entrepreneur? Are you ready for the tough financial days, a lot of commitment leaving little time for much else all the while with the possibility of company collapse? All this before the startup is stable! Make sure to fully understand what your job will entail.

  1. Do the work.

Gain the necessary requirements to allow you to pursue the career of your choice and finally get focused and set your career goals, and grow wings to your dream career avoiding all the misery of the wrong career choice!

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