What are Career Goals?

This is a frequently asked question among adults & youths alike. Just like there is no journey without a destination, there is nothing worse than having sight but no vision!

Success in your career involves more than earning a monthly salary. There is alignment, satisfaction, productivity, innovation and all that comes with a correct career pathway. Career goals are realistic targets that help you get to that rewarding success we all crave! Clear career goals are needed to map out the direction our careers will head.

Lacking direction as you navigate your career? It might be because your current career does not fit in with your goals! Too often we are misaligned with our dream careers and this makes attaining our goals a daily chore rather than an opportunity to show innovation and celebrate our achievements.

To set out and achieve our goals we need to understand: How our current job of career aspirations fits in with our goals as well as what type of interest and skills we intend to use to get there.

Under the guidance of a professional career guidance counselor we could avoid the suffocation as well as any career crisis. How? By taking a psychometric test and being illuminated towards our hidden ideas and passions before choosing a career. Self awareness! Only when we know ourselves can we start the journey and take that big leap forward.

3 main benefits of Career Guidance before setting career goals:

  • What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?

Start by identifying if there are probably different areas better suited for your skills and interests.

  • What is your overall career goal?

This deals with the time aspect and prepares you for the future as you decide “I will be at point Y by time Z”.

  • What steps are involved in the attainment of these goals?

It is ideal to know the challenges involved as well as requirements involved as you achieve your goal in a period of time X. Here as well you are able to break down your major goal into smaller achievable goals.

At this point we can proceed to set our career goals. Remember to use the SMART Method!

  • Specific – should be concrete and not abstract. E.g. I will make 10 applications via e-mail VS. I will make applications.
  • Measurable – make quantifiable goals that answer questions like “How much?” or “How many?”
  • Attainable – consider the point you are starting from and give yourself enough time as well as considering available resources.
  • Relevant – is it worthwhile and relate to the timeline?
  • Timely – your goals should be time bound thus prompting urgency.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal

A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan

A plan backed by action makes your dream come true.

  • Greg S. Reid

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