If you were to say something to your 20 year old self, what would you say?

“Don’t let other people make choices for you, especially when it comes to career choice, choose something that makes you happy, one that is satisfactory not only financially, but also emotionally. Make a career out of your talent” Beth is a 54 years old lady with a big heart and positive outlook towards life. She is a teacher by profession and a very good one. She has been awarded a lot of certificates and awards for being the best teacher of the year numerous times. Despite being very good ...

Careers in production – Protel studios

Protel studios is an independent TV content production company. They are known for their quality and creativity. You might have watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) some of their content like the pambazuka national lottery show or the hilarious housewives of kawangware. (more…)

“I hear you want to work in hospital? Here is your chance

The first image that comes to mind when I hear the word hospital is very dramatic. Maybe a little too dramatic, I imagine screaming children, frustrated faces stuck in long queues, angry nurses and the smell of antiseptic. I recently spoke to a friend of mine who has recently started working as a nurse in a children’s ward, turns out it is not what I imagined it would be like. (more…)

My Dream Company – Kenya Power

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.”
 – Sister Mary Lauretta While most students are not sure what they would like to do, some have dream companies that they would like to work with. They are attracted to that company for various reasons and would give the world to be part of their team (more…)

Do I really need Job shadowing?

I was always very creative ever since I was a child. I enjoyed playing with molding clay and making little collages with rice and beans. As I grew older, I started drawing sketches and making watercolor paintings. Funny thing though, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always “doctor” I always saw doctors as heroes who saved people’s lives. I didn’t know much then but I knew I wanted to be someone important, a hero. Looking back now, I realize that I would have...

When my aspiration and fate synced

By Bonface Gitaua I stand here today in a graduation gown thankful for the years in this university. I am honored by the presence of my family here not only today but throughout those years. I cannot forget some strangers I met as a freshman whom I didn’t know would become part of my life’s story. I am indebted to them for filling up the holes in my soul and spirit that I couldn’t have on my own. I see happiness and enthusiasm in all of you that I didn’t know I would share on my graduation...

The memories of a school boy’s journey to misery

You are 13-years-old seated on a threadbare desk in a cold classroom. It is 7:00a.m but your checked school shirt is half drenched in sweat from the upper right shoulder right up to the left armpit. If it were any other day you would not have cared about it. But it is your last day in primary school. The shirt will not matter after today. The invigilator’s high heels make their presence known and stop next to you. Her hand stretches and places a paper on the desk. The feeling is unreal. Eight...

Sorry state of students taking wrong courses

John is a form four student in a national school. In about three months, he will be seated in the school hall with his 200 fellow classmates doing the final national high school examination. It will take three weeks to complete all 16 exams. Two months after completing the examination, he will be staring at a text message from the Kenya National Examination Council briefly informing him of his performance. He will have scored a mean grade of ‘A’ securing him a slot at the University of Nairob...

How to pick a career you will love!

Most career problems stem from the fact that we are almost naturally pre-disposed to pick terrible first jobs! We initially think we are picking a grand great job then it turns out to be the wrong choice. It is almost impossible to pick a good job on the first try, especially if making the choice when not well informed. So get informed or don’t expect to be the exception! According to Economist Neil Howe, only a mere 5% of people are able to find the right job at their first time of asking. T...

What are Career Goals?

This is a frequently asked question among adults & youths alike. Just like there is no journey without a destination, there is nothing worse than having sight but no vision! Success in your career involves more than earning a monthly salary. There is alignment, satisfaction, productivity, innovation and all that comes with a correct career pathway. Career goals are realistic targets that help you get to that rewarding success we all crave! Clear career goals are needed to map out the dire...