What is the career test?

The career test is a questionnaire comprised of 80 questions. Its purpose is to help you determine careers that would be suitable for you based on your strong interest areas. The questionnaire requires you to select the response that best describes you from the multiple choice answers. There is no right or wrong answer so you cannot fail the test.

Do all people have interests?

Yes, God created human beings with all manner of varied interests. These are people, or things or activities that captivate our attention. Examples are interest in animals, insects, tools, knowledge, tools and equipment, artwork, reading, sports etc.

I don’t know my interests; I am very ordinary. Nothing particularly stands out about me

Sometimes, interest areas don’t ‘stand out’ because they come so easily to us. The natural human tendency is to assume that only that which is given public recognition is most important. We may for example hold athletic ability in higher regard than painting a picture but nothing could be further from the truth. We are unique and this uniqueness should be identified, and fully nurtured.

How do my interests differ from my class work?

Class work is academic and therefore taught and learnt. Interests are innate; they are not taught in a classroom. The career test is based on research that shows that personalities seek and flourish in environments they fit. The choice of a career is an expression of personality and ones’ areas of interest.

Why should I take the career test?

The career test will provide useful information in your areas of interest and career choices that may be suitable for you. It provides a strong basis for having a career guidance session with a counselor, saves on cost of enrolling in a wrong course, frustration of being ill-matched to ones job and time wasted in trying to identify the right career.

What’s the difference between this test and other free online tests?

Our test is developed by leading psychologists. The test has also been assessed for its validity and reliability and approved by the American Psychological Association. Validity and reliability means that its results are dependable.

How soon do I get my results?

Results are obtained immediately. The test is administered online so as soon as one completes the questionnaire and submits his/her responses, a report is generated immediately and can be saved in PDF or MS Word format for future retrieval and reference.

What are the requirements to take the test?

You need to be at least 15 years old. You also need access to the internet so a good connection is important. Once you register, you’ll need to make a payment of Kshs 1,000/- which can be done via mpesa. The assessment takes about 20-40 minutes depending on your reading speed so allow yourself sufficient time.

What if there is a power interruption?

As long as you have registered yourself and received a code and password in your email account, you can take the test at a time of your convenience. Should there be a power loss in the middle of your test taking session, you will need to repeat the test using the initial codes.

Can I take the test more than once?

Yes, you can take the test more than once but each repetition will require a fresh payment. The test is not timed so you need not rush through it. The test taking code and password is computer generated so once you have submitted your responses, you cannot retake the test using the same code and password.

Does DYC offer any other services?

Yes. For a nominal fee, DYC will review your school grades and career test results to help you with subject selection if you are in high school, or, determination of a college/university degree program if you are in an institution of higher learning. It’s never too late to do a career test. If one is employed, we will work with you to explore avenues to get you aligned so that your career matches your areas of interest and passion.