Holiday Programs


This program targets high schools students who have completed Fourth Form and Form 2’s who are on the verge of choosing subjects. Based on the fact that thousands leave secondary schools without knowledge of what careers to pursue, the transitional program takes students through self awareness, exposes them to assessments, interpretation and guidance on courses and careers.

Many students come for the workshop in extreme confusion on the courses to choose in high school. As said in another section, the first thing to consider when choosing your career path is YOU. Your interests, strengths and personality play a big part in determining which careers will provide you with the most personal satisfaction.

Assisting students find themselves in the maze is the heart of the workshop. We also partner with Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Services to take the students through the placement services, and help them understand the jargon that it terminology such as ‘cut off’ points, ‘clusters’ and alternative choices of higher education if one does not make it to the university.

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