Teacher Training


The need for proper career guidance in learning institutions cannot be overstated. Career counselors play a significant role in career choice both in public and private high schools but as education stakeholders unanimously agree, many students do not get quality career guidance for lack of qualified professionals.

In recognition that gaps exist in the consistency, quality and clarity of this process, DYC, with support from the Ministry of Education, Teachers Service Commission & Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association, have undertaken to train career teachers in the art of providing professional career guidance services. Our Career Teachers training introductory course aims to maintain and raise the standards of all our career guidance teachers by offering regular opportunities for continuing professional development.

Through a series of several modules, the teacher is taken through the foundations of career guidance, establishing the career guidance office, administering assessments, career planning and lot of exciting content that enables them to function appropriately in their roles.

We have trained career teachers from over 80 schools. Our aim is to ensure that career teachers obtain the basic knowledge, skills and competencies they need to confidently manage this office.

For additional information on the Training of Teachers, please visit the FAQ page.  Call us for more information on mobile +254-772-131180 or on landline +254-020-2720006/9 to make your reservation for the next training.

Schools Include:
Riara University – St. Austin School – Nairobi – St. Hannah’s School – Nairobi – Riara Springs High School – Nairobi – Ndalani Secondary School – Tala Girls Secondary School – Machakos Boys School – Mbaikini Boys High School – Kyasioni Secondary School – Kwa Mutula Secondary School – Nyaani Secondary School – Muthetheni Girls School – Kamwala Mixed Secondary School – Bishop Ndingi Secondary School – AIC Kunikila Secondary School – Lema Girls Secondary School – Kabaa High School – Makutano High School